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Realistic buliding mock-up made of Filaticum Model filament

2024. January 26. | Kategóriák: |

The task
Our client, Rapid Factory, was assigned by the creator of the MiniaTour – Interactive Model Railway Exhibition in Mezőzombor to design and produce, among other things, a 3D printed model of the Miskolc Tisza Railway Station, which is intended to be one of the highlights of the huge diorama. The task was well suited to Rapid Factory, a company with extensive experience in the design and 3D printing of architectural models.
The challenge
Rapid Factory and MiniaTour set out to produce a 1:87 scale model with precise details which includes window frames, accessories, ornaments, the brick pattern of the walls and the platform roofs. Modeling the station in its entirety and then 3D printing it in high detail were the objectives.
The solution
The design was based on character drawings, façade and floor plans, and it was made more accurate with on-site photographs.All parameters were optimized specifically for FDM 3D printing and Filaticum Model filament during the design phase, which required several test prints. In the end, apart from a few small complementary elements (chimneys, miniature decorative elements, balcony railings), everything was produced using FDM technology.Thanks to the gypsum content of Filaticum Model, the layers typical for FDM 3D printing are much less visible on the walls of the model. The matte finish further enhances the hide of the layers, and the off-white colour gives a more realistic, natural effect.
The result
The 150 cm long model is made up of several pieces, which were assembled on site. Snap-fit joints and interlocking elements were used to help building the model in place. Here again, one of the strengths of the Filaticum Model was demonstrated, as where it was needed it was much easier to sand it than normal PLA.The building was finally professionally painted. The paints also adhered well to the Filaticum Model surfaces and were easy to work with.
“When it comes to printing building mock-ups, I use almost exclusively Filaticum Model. Although I have also tried Filaticum Gypsum filament, the advantage of that material is that its postprocessing is even easier. The Model filament shows the finer details better.”

Gábor Krupa , Rapid Factory

Used filament:   Filaticum Model