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How to choose the right filament?

2023. October 16. | Kategóriák: Blog |

You decided what you want to print, you know what the most important properties are that the printed object should have. In this post, we will briefly summarize how can you choose the right filament for you from Filaticum’s biocomposite materials.

Material selector

Filaticum filaments are made almost exclusively from PLA. However, thanks to the different additives, we have developed products with properties quite different from PLA. To explore them and select from them, we have created a Material Selector application.

Even though we try to name our products so that they speak for themselves, the majority of our filaments are far more versatile than what a simple name might suggest. In the Material Selector, we have gathered together the characteristics and properties that are commonly considered when it printing: printability, heat resistance, elasticity, toughness.

Clicking on a characteristic in the Material Selector displays a list of products relevant to that characteristic. According to the property, you can see those products that excel, perform well, or do poorly. Then, clicking on the filaments, you can read more about them on the website.

Every product to be printed is different, In some cases, we have only one critical requirement, in other cases, we have to consider two or three additional factors. In the latter case, it is necessary to look at these characteristics and choose the filament that excels or at least performs well in each of them.

Watch the video on how to use the Material Selector:


Filaticum Basic and Technical filaments

You can also search for Filaticum filaments by other criteria. Our filaments are categorized in two groups in the webshop:

Here you will find those materials that contain limited amount of additives beyond the colouring agent. These are mainly additives that make printing and use easier. They are not “basic” in terms of their properties; they are excellent products in their category. E.g. Filaticum standard PLA is an easy-to-print filament, PLA Advanced can withstand temperature of up to 80 0C,.

ABS and PETG are also included in this group. These filaments are not developed by Filaticum, but are made from the best quality raw materials available on the market

In this group you will find composite materials that are unique, developed Filaticum. Additives have been incorporated into the PLA matrix to create filaments with properties that differ significantly from the basic PLA filament. You can choose from heat-resistant, impact-resistant, foam textured, etc. filaments in this category.


The webshop also offers the usual filters, of course. In the left-hand bar, you can narrow down the products displayed by material, colour and properties known from the material selector.