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Filaticum PLA filaments with new recipe

2022. December 01. | Kategóriák: Blog |

Easier, more accurate, and more economical 3D printing

If you follow our story, you know that we don’t just produce filaments. An important part of our activity is also the development of new raw materials: creating new composite materials or improving existing filaments based on customers’ feedback.  3D printing is a constantly evolving industry. More and more skilled professionals are producing ever more precise, beautiful 3D prints using more sophisticated 3D printers. Filaticum contributes to this process by improving filaments. We are constantly working on new recipes, searching for new additives to serve our customers with the best filaments.

During the summer 2022, we decided that for the first time in a long time, we will work on perfecting our standard PLA filament, currently available in 11 colours.

In order to make printing as easy as possible, and providing high quality printings, we have already used several additives in our basic PLA filaments. We have now improved the formula to create a basic material that can be used as widely as possible, with outstanding ease of printability.


The challenge was that while our technical filaments are mostly used by our industrial customers who own high-end 3D printers, the basic PLA filament has a very wide user base: professionals and complete beginners alike. So, one of our main goals was to make it easy to work with the new PLA filament on any kind of FDM printer.

The lower energy consumption of the printing process was a priority during development. With current energy prices, it’s important for everyone to print for as little amount of money as possible.

Last but not least, we wanted to implement the development without increasing the price of the product.

We reached the following results thanks to the development:

  • We provide a filament that is more accurate, more beautiful and easier to print than ever before.
  • Better build plate adhesion
  • Easier to remove the support
  • Easier to glue the printed objects
  • Nice, more matt surface
  • Filament can be printed well at lower temperatures – 190-205 0C


Filaticum filaments with new recipe are available in the Filaticum webshop. Have a good printing!