Barion Pixel


1 459 000 Ft

1 148 819 Ft + VAT

CraftBot IDEX printers with their huge print volume and high quality independent dual extruders are able to print 2 objects in the same time (mirror or parallel mode). You can also use 2 different materials, print bicolor items, or object with PVA support.

  • Build volume 425 x 250 x 250mm
  • Operating nozzle temperature: up to 300 ° C
  • Operating heated build plate temperature: 60 – 110 °C
  • Layer resolution: 50 micron


Even the best filament won’t provide the expected result without a good 3D printer. From the very beginning of our development tasks we work with CraftBot printers to test our new filaments. These printers are reliable, easy-to-use, versatile printers, so we recommend them for beginners and advanced users also.

If you buy a CraftBot printer from us, you can start to print immediately, because we give you a starter pack of Filaticum products, which contains 7 filament spools, 500 gram each. In addition, we provide you with Filaticum Cleaner filament as well.

We provide whole range of CraftBrot 3D printers, for further information please, contact us at our contact details.