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Filaticum PA Carbon

29 990 Ft

23 614 Ft + VAT

Strong, rigid and heat resistant (up to 180°C) composite. Polyamide 6 stands as one of the toughest materials utilized in FFF 3D printing. Its exceptional mechanical strength, stiffness, vibration damping capabilities, and wear resistance surpass those of other filament types. In addition, it offers excellent chemical resistance also. 

The carbon fiber content diminishes shrinkage, which is common in most high-temp materials, so that it simplifies the printing process also. The carbon fiber enhances more the stiffness and tensile strength (up to 120 MPa) of filament.  

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Recommended printing parameters
Nozzle temp. [°C] 260-290
Bed temp. [°C] max. 80
Max. print speed [mm/s] 60 mm/s


Nozzle diameter [mm] 0,6-1
Nozzle material



  • High-end mechanical properties
  • Increased rigidness
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • Heat resistant up to 180 °C
  • Excellent layer adhesion


  • Excellent for automotive and aerospace applications
  • Functional models where high rigidity needed
  • Objects that can withstand high temperatures
  • Chemical resistant parts and objects

Technical datasheet
Material safety datasheet

1 kg Filaticum products are winded on a transparent plastic spool. Spools are sealed with shrink foil, and we deliver them in an environmentally friendly cardboard box which is also covered with shrink wrap.

  • Filament weight: 1 kg
  • Packaged weight: 1,45 kg
  • Spool size: 204 mm x 67 mm
  • Spool hub diameter: 52 mm