Barion Pixel

Filaticum PETG Carbon

29 990 Ft

23 614 Ft + VAT

This PET-G filament reinforced with carbon fibers enhances rigidity, hardness, and tensile strength while maintaining minimal shrinkage. As a result of carbon fiber content, the surface of printed objects is matte, and it gives an attractive appearance. While printing, it provides excellent adhesion to build platforms and good dimensional stability. 

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Recommended printing parameters
Nozzle temp. [°C] 230-255
Bed temp. [°C] 60-80
Max. print speed [mm/s] 70 mm/s


Nozzle diameter [mm] 0,6-1
Nozzle material



  • Durable, general-purpose filament
  • Increased stiffness


  • Functional parts which need high impact strength
  • Drone parts, racing models
  • Outdoor use objects

This is not a PLA-based product.