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Technical consultancy

Free technical consultancy from Filaticum

One of the key factors of the successful industrial 3D printing projects is the properly selected and printed raw material. Filaticum’s experts will help you with this task:

  • Selecting the best raw material for a specific printing task
  • Defining and setting printing parameters
  • Printing test objects using unique technical filaments
  • Finding the cause of printing errors

On the one hand, we have been continuously testing the materials we have developed,  and examining the unique properties of the filaments, in order to provide our users with the optimal printing settings. On the other hand, we have been involved in a number of 3D printing projects, learning about new use cases that also have inspired our material developments.

We work with filaments on a daily basis, and we want to share this knowledge with our customers to help them choosing the filament that fits best their 3D printing tasks. Our selection is wide: Filaticum Technical

Contact us at to select the right filament together!